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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
  Vendor: Toby Gateley

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Ash Bookends

These bookends were made by carpenter ants!Two short ash log pieces have been carved by ants for a home which eventually kills the tree.Salvaged from the firewood pile,cleaned up,and framed by more ash,these are a nice heavy set for larger books.Each bookend measures about 10" x 10" x 5"deep.

$ 65.00
10.50 lb
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Candlestick holder

Individually crafted poplar wood candle holder with urethane finish.4"square x 3"tall
$ 5.00 each
0.30 lb
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Candle Holder Set

Silver poplar candle holders with matching corners that display the outer surface of the tree.Copper candle cups protect the wood.Candles not included.4 1/2"and 3 1/2" square respectively.
$ 25.00 Set
1.25 lb
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driftwood candle holder

Drift wood candle holder from Lake Ontario's shore. Polished by wind and wave, enhanced with polyurethane sealer and stable base by Toby Gateley

This holder is about 10 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches high

$ 35.00
3.50 lb
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Driftwood Candle Holder

Unique driftwood piece with beach stones grown into the wood,copper candle cups,and a nice finish.Candles not included.Roughly 16"long
$ 25.00
1.00 lb
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Driftwood lamp with wooden shade

Driftwood piece mounted on oak base,with silver poplar wood panel lampshade.23" tall x 8" diameter shade.
$ 100.00
4.75 lb
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Mantle Clock

One of my first flame grained silver poplar clocks,this piece has a small quartz insert that leaves plenty of the 3-d effect curly grain exposed. You will see all kinds of things if you look at this piece long enough!.16" wide x 13"tall x3.5" deep.
$ 120.00
4.50 lb
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Mantle Clock

Awesome curly grained silver poplar "Tombstone" clock.Wonderful holographic grain that runs through the entire face of this clock will keep you staring at it for hours!Small marks at 12,9,6,and 3 provide a slight contrast to the depth and magic of the wood.Large and "in your face"! With battery powered quartz clock works.18" wide x 18" tall x 3.5" deep.
$ 135.00
8.25 lb
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Mantle clock

A unique handcrafted curly grained silver poplar clock,I made this without any numerals to emphasize the grain,which has a holographic effect that is amazing.For someone with a good analog type brain! With battery powered quartz clock works.9"wide x 13" tall x 3" deep.
$ 100.00
5.50 lb
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