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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
  Fine foods

Currently we offer currant and raspberry preserves made from locally grown fresh fruit-no chemical fertilzers of pesticides used. These are great for cooking sauces, pastry fillings or as spreads More foods coming soon.

 Available Items in this Category

currant jam pack

Current Jam Trio 3 jars, 12 oz each of currant jam great for pastry or cookie fillings or pure enjoyment
$ 16.50 3 jars
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Currant Jelly

Currant Jelly Trio 3 12 oz jars of currant jelly great for sauces, marinades or just plain enjoyment
$ 16.50 3 jars
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fruit preserves

3 jar sampler, 12 oz jars Variety Pack- one jar each of raspberry, currant jam, and 1 current jelly
$ 16.50 3 jars
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Raspberry Jam

3 jar sampler, 12 oz jars, Raspberry Trio- one jar each of raspberry jam-great for pastry fillings and on hot buttered toast
$ 16.50 3 jars
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