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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
  Vendor: Carol Burns

Childrens books

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Grandma Helps Us Pretend

          This is a children's book appropriate for ages 2  - 6 and is a tribute to my twin grandchildren who inspired the contents.  The book is a look at the fun game of "let's pretend" that my 4 year old grandchildren and I play every day.  Kali and Kyle pretend to be animals, we march like we are in a parade, we think how it would feel to be popcorn popping or butter melting in the sun.  We can be ballet dancers, basketball stars or dinosaurs.  We can ride on a bus, live in a tent or be trees waving in the breeze.  We can be babies, super heroes or even vegetables.  The options are endless in our days of play.  These games help develop their creativity but we just call them FUN.

           Grandchildren are a true gift from God.  There is nothing more joyful than the sound of their laughter.  There is nothing more healing to a grandmother's achy joints that a 4 year old running to you with arms outstretched saying, "Grandma I love you this much!"  Along with the title of "grandparent" comes the freedom to play, giggle and spoil these kdis while you love them with all your heart.

            A children's book is nothing without the illustrations that make kids get involved with the story.  My illustrator, Amy Keech, was brought up in Fair HAven but now resides in Oswego. She has captured Kali and Kyle magnificently in her watercolor sketches.  Her ability to let you feel like you are part of our games is unique.

              This book is what I call a snuggle / exercise book. The kids will snuggle while you read it the first time.  Then read it again too have them try to march, hop or bounce with us.  We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed creating it.   But most of all enjoy those grandchildren--- they grow up much too quickly.

$ 14.00 book
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